Quiet Time in Schools

I really recommend watching this video to any and all who work in the schools.  It brought to mind the few years I spent working in a poverty-stricken area of Vancouver, WA.  I wish I had known about Quiet Time then - I feel like our kids would have found solace in this peaceful space where they could escape some of the realities of their world.  I now work in a much different environment, but while my students anxieties and stressors may be different than my former students, they are nonetheless very real and significant.  When I bring meditation into the classrooms at my school, I see the kids change and center themselves. I feel a thoughtfulness in them.  I hear them ask for more.  Our kids today have much busier lives than most of us probably did, and their environment and exposure to the world is much greater than we probably could have imagined when we were kids.  As the adults responsible for their well-being, education, and future, we have a duty in many ways to find new ways to help them shoulder these interesting but sometimes heavy weights.  In my opinion, meditation - at school, home, or both - is an idea worth exploring.