Impromptu virtual yoga

I have two nieces and they are amazing.  Smart, funny, fun, beautiful, spontaneous, and daring.  Obviously I'm biased; however, they bring me nothing but joy and then more joy.  And then even more joy. Living so far away can be incredibly difficult but Skype and FaceTime definitely ease the heartbreak of not seeing teeth lost and Bollywood performances in person.

Just a bit ago I caught them before their bedtime (at my parents' house in Virginia) for what initially seemed like a short-lived conversation.  They were equally tired and wound-up, my other sister had just arrived (in person) from DC, and they were getting ready for a road trip in the morning.  Lots to compete with.

But then I asked about what classes they were taking, and my older niece listed Bollywood dance and "of course, yoga."  She volunteered to show me a pose, and then we were off and running.  I moved my iPad into my yoga room and they cleared a space in the living room.  For the next 20 minutes we showed our favorite poses, tried some new ones, and both of my nieces taught me some new tricks (although they seamlessly jump into splits like rock stars while I...stop about half way down).   They were dutifully impressed with my handstand, and I was blown away by their wheels.

Yoga has slowly eked its way into my heart, head and life, and I love to see my nieces embracing it as well.  From even so far away, it gives us something to bond over and to share, and makes me feel an even closer connection to them.  In just two months I will be at their home in Seattle, and I can't wait to hug, kiss, and snuggle with them - and maybe learn some new poses.