Just 15 minutes makes a difference

This year my school has started a new program called Smart Start, where the first 15 minutes of the day is spent doing some sort of physical activity.  All of the specialists at school are asked to pitch in and be in classrooms helping to lead activities.  Yoga, of course, is my contribution.  For the first round of what I've termed Yoga Mornings, I focused on teaching the fundamentals of Sun Salutations to my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes.  It has been so fun to be with the kids and watch them practice this gorgeous flow paying homage to the sun.  The downside to Yoga Mornings though is that I leave right after, so don't see any of the awesome effects yoga may have on the kids as they transition into the day!  

Luckily, a good friend stopped me today and let me know.  She said that after we did Sun Salutations with her 2nd grade students, they transitioned into their day quietly and peacefully.  She saw a big difference in the way they shifted between activities, and credited that to yoga. 

That was only the second time I've done yoga with Brooke's class.  For 15 minutes.  Imagine what these kids will be experiencing after they start doing yoga on a regular basis through Yoga Mornings!  I was already excited about this new program, but after this conversation today, my drive to bring yoga to more and more kids is even stronger.