Hoberman Sphere!


My new favorite toy for kids yoga is the Hoberman Sphere.  It has been an amazing tool for teaching kids to slow down their breath, and take long, even inhales and exhales.  We talk about how the Hoberman Sphere mimics the work our diaphragm does, and its a great model for showing what happens when we breath in/out too quickly.  The kids' response to this simple expanding ball has been really unexpected too - they are pretty fascinated by it. When I pass it around the room, the kids each takes turns opening it and closing it in time with their breath.  Another student of mine, who I see individually, likes to start and end his sessions by doing deep breathing with the Hoberman.   In addition to working on breath, I think this would be a great tool for doing gratitude circles. Because the ball will expand when thrown in the air, the kids could toss it to each other around a circle as they share something they are grateful for or something kind about the person they are tossing the ball to.