Book Review: Little Flower Yoga, A Yoga and Mindfulness Program

LFY book cover.jpeg

I first heard about Little Flower Yoga (LFY) last year, although I couldn't tell you from where.  But this NY-based yoga program for kids really struck me as a place doing great work, and I encourage you to check out their web site for more information.  I especially love LFY's program components: Connect, Breath, Move, Focus, and Relax.  Within each area are numerous ideas and activities to support kids with mindfulness of self and others, and with the physical asanas of a yoga practice.

This book provides clear and excellent suggestions for how to bring the LFY program into your home or classroom.  The book also touches on the science behind mindfulness and yoga for kids, and explains the benefits of each activity/pose.  In addition, the book acts as a kind of "a la carte" menu of options. You can choose to do just one or two activities in a few minutes, or you can combine more than a few for a fuller practice.  On top of all that, there is a chapter dedicated to parents and developing a personal mindfulness/yoga practice, as well as more ideas sprinkled throughout each chapter.

I think the LFY book is an easy-to-read guide to successfully bringing a mindfulness/yoga practice into your home or classroom, even if you don't have an established practice yourself yet.  It encourages parents and teachers to go at your child's - and your own - pace to make sure everyone is getting the best benefits.  One of things I especially like about this book is that it reinforces the idea that while we ask kids to pay attention constantly, we rarely take the time to explain to them what that means and how to do it successfully.  LFY provides excellent suggestions for how to do just that.