Early literacy: Big Wolf & Little Wolf Part One

BW & LW.jpg

Last week I began teaching an after school yoga class for five kids in Kinder and 1st grade.  One of the Kinder's brothers who is in 3rd grade also joins us from time to time.  Because literacy and yoga have tied in so well with the EC kids, I thought offering a story-telling yoga class would be perfect. We started last week with an intro to yoga and read My Daddy is a Pretzel just to get the basics down.  The kids were so fun, and while we still have to work on the idea of staying on our mats and maintaining some sense of calm during savasana, overall it was a successful first class!

This week I chose the book Big Wolf and Little Wolf for the class.  I actually discovered this story while browsing our school library for another book. I'd never heard of it, but I definitely judged it to be lovely by its cover even before reading the words. Big Wolf & Little Wolf is all about a friendship blossoming between Big Wolf and Little Wolf, and how Big Wolf learns to open his heart to a new friend.  A beautiful book about love for February, and a perfect tie in to heart opening poses!

Some lessons I learned from this class: 1) Have the kids agree/disagree from the get-go if you can touch them to adjust them (one student kept saying, "you need to ask me first!" before I would adjust him :)); 2) Planning yet still staying flexible with meditation is key to keeping my own energy calm and keeping the kids settled during savasana.  I had a meditation planned in my head for this session but it didn't quite fit in the end.  I persevered with the "script" anyway even though I had a hard time settling into it. As a result the kids struggled to settle too.  Consequently they were fidgety and had a hard time relaxing.  Definitely something to work on for the next session....

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