Early Literacy: Big Wolf & Little Wolf Part 2

As seen in this post, I used the book Big Wolf & Little Wolf with my after school yoga class a few weeks ago. I loved this story so much that I decided to modify it for use with my early childhood classes during the school day.  It tied in great with the month of February and one of my classes even fell exactly on Valentine's Day :)  With these little ones, we are mat-less and in a somewhat restricted space, so I don't often do sun salutations with them. This leaves room for an activity related to whatever book we are reading.  

I had the kids begin (after our Om song) by putting their hands on their hearts and inhaling/exhaling three times.  On the exhale, we said the word "love" very softly and slowly.  I had the kids feel for the vibrations in their chest when they said the word love to help them make a connection.  Afterwards, we read the book and I had the kids close their eyes and create a picture in their minds (no talking yet!) of someone they loved very much.  After a minute of silence, they shared who they pictured. It was lovely!  

After we did the series of heart opening poses in the lesson plan (modifying the number of poses as needed), we played a very simple game.  All of the kids sat in a circle and I would name a person, animal, place or object.  Whoever in the group loved that person, place or thing would stand up.  After a few rounds, the kids enthusiastically took turns naming things they loved and seeing who else also loved that person or object.  It was a great activity that worked on expressive language, finding shared interests, and movement.