Early Literacy: Where the Wild Things Are


As I mentioned on my blog, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak was perhaps my most favorite book as a child.  I am constantly surprised, living overseas, how many of my non-American kids don't know this book.  I feel like it should be give out at hospitals worldwide whenever a new baby is born.  I use it all the time with kids, not just for yoga, but also to work on vocabulary, storytelling, emotions, etc.  Its an all-around book and should be on every bookshelf.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox :)   I used Where The Wild Things Are for my last after-school class (lesson plan here) based on a request from one of my first graders.  We spent the asana/movement part of class working up toward Wild Thing pose, which was tricky for the kids - but they loved it!  With support from me, all of the kids made many attempts to twist and flip their bodies.  It was a perfect tie in.  We also used the story to talk about emotions, such as anger, and ways to use meditation and breath to deal with the times we get really mad at someone.  At the end, I took the kids through a guided meditation to their own "Wild Things" place where a forest grew in their room, a boat took them across the sea, and they met loving, kind creatures from another world. Each week I see the kids settle into the meditation/savasana so much more easily and peacefully.  Its a lovely sight to see!