Early Literacy: The Chicken Thief


Wordless picture books might be among my most favorite genre of children's literature.  I love the idea that the stories can be changed over and over, and how the books lend themselves so easily to many different language concepts.  I also love the level of detail many wordless picture books put into their pages.  Without words, the pictures are allowed to tell multiple stories at once.  One of my go-to wordless picture books is The Chicken Thief by Beatrice Rodriguez.  Its a hilarious tale of kidnapping and chase with a great twist at the end.   For older kids especially, the unexpected ending could be predicted by really attending to the details and emotions of the characters throughout the story.

Because of the agility of the characters in the book and the final twist in the story, I focused this week's after-school yoga class on balancing and ending with a twist.  The balancing and agility poses involved using a ball as a prop between knees, feet and hands, which was really fun for the kids.  The twist the end was a perfect way to just end the asanas on a peaceful note.

Because it was nearing the end of the school year and was our final class together, the kids - and admittedly me - were a little more wiggly than usual.  As such, we scrapped  traditional sun salutations for warm-up again in lieu of Squeeze, Rock, Pop and Peel and we ended the class with a rousing game of Yogi Says. I started the game as the "Yogi" but then the kids took turns.  To help them out with remembering specific poses to call out, I laid out Yoga Pretzel cards of familiar postures.