Early Literacy: Up and Down

up and down.jpg

Holy cow!  Its been forever since I posted on the Wild Things Yoga site!  All I can say is that it was a crazy summer - moving home from Indonesia to Portland, doing my adult yoga teacher training, visiting my mom, and going to a weeklong Mindfulness in Education retreat. Topped off by just settling into new jobs, a new house, and a new(ish) life here in the Pacific Northwest.  Whew!

One of the new jobs I'm settling into is teaching after-school yoga classes - one to preschoolers and the other to Kinder-2nd grade.  This particular post is about the Kinder-2nd grade class, and other posts will focus on the pre-schoolers.  But any of these lessons can be modified for various ages. 

For the first K-2 class, I used a previous lesson plan based on the book I Wonder by Annaka Harris.  For this second class though, I brought in the book Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers, which is the sequel to the book Lost and Found. I absolutely love Oliver Jeffers and his characters, and I feel like his stories are appealing to both kids and adults.  In Up and Down, a little penguin decides he wants to fly. So he leaves his best friend and joins a circus to be shot out of a cannon - only to find that he misses his friend. During class, we worked on the idea of "flying" in yoga by focusing on balancing poses. The class culminated in a Challenge Pose, which was Crow.  This was a really fun class to do early on because the poses are super fun, motivating, and accessible for every kid no matter their level.