Early Literacy: Count the Monkeys

Count the Monkeys.jpg

Oh Mac Barnett - I think I may have a little crush on you. Your awesome books.  Your super fun Ted Talk.  Your limitless imagination. Who could ask for more in a children's book author?

In my pre-school class, we recently read Count the Monkeys by Mac Barnett.  Hilarious!  What a clever counting book that is engaging for kids who are well past the age of learning to count to ten.  And it makes for a perfect kids yoga class with all sorts of wacky fun characters and scenes to act out with our asanas. To keep the kids engaged and their anticipation levels up, we stopped on almost every page to act out the silliness that was occurring. 

With this particular lesson, I also began to introduce some mindfulness-based activities (e.g. Mindful Bodies and Mindful Listening).  I am floored time and time again with this age group because they just embrace all of the activities whole-heartedly with no fear or self-consciousness. Because 4-5 years naturally have a shorter attention span, we do these exercises in short bursts and will continue to build on them. For example, in future lessons we will also work on Mindful Breathing activities.