Early Literacy: Not a Box

Not A Box.  What an incredible book!  Antoinette Portis is one of my favorite children's book authors because she brings a level of creativity to her writing that engages kids, makes read-alouds super fun, and even sends kids away with ideas for using their imagination in new ways.  What else could you ask for in a picture book? Oh wait - Not A Box (and its partner story Not A Stick) is PERFECT to read during a kids yoga class.  Way to go Antoinette Portis!

After you look at the Not A Box yoga lesson plan, I'm sure you'll be able to guess which pose was the most exciting for the pre-school kids.  While moving like a robot and "driving" our race card were super fun, the big winner was blasting off like a rocket.  I have used Rocket Blast-Off with other pre-school yoga classes as well, sometimes during class and sometimes as a beginning routine - and it is always a huge hit.  I highly recommend it, even for Kinder and 1st grade!

The only part of this lesson plan that just didn't resonate with the kids was the final meditation. I kept it in the lesson plan though because I think its a great idea, and with the right group it could really work well.  But my little group is pretty wiggly and this type of guided visualization just didn't seem to work for them on this particular day.  Since this lesson, we have adjusted our final resting time to instead include music and foot massages, which works SO much better for these little guys.