Early Literacy: I Wonder

I just received the book I Wonder by Annaka Harris in the mail, and LOVE it.  Its gorgeous and perfectly simple, with a great message for kids and grown-ups.  On the first read through, I saw all the possibilities for a kids yoga class, and came up almost instantaneously with this lesson plan.

I Wonder captures the beauty of saying "I don't know" and coming up with all sorts of fantastic ideas and wonderings about the mysteries of the universe.  It opens the door for a conversation around what the kids are curious about, and I loved not only hearing their questions but also the responses from the rest of the group.  For example, one student "wondered" where the planets came from and the ideas from the rest of the group ranged from the scientific to the spiritual.  It was really lovely.

The actual practice was a blast. It felt so joyful and fun to just let go of my own control and expectations (to an extent :)) and open the class up to the kids' experimentations with their bodies.  When I "wondered" what might happen if we tried to balance on our hands, the kids gradually found themselves at the wall playing around with all sorts of balancing postures.  When I "wondered" about putting our heads to our knees, the kids showed me a full range of creative poses. And when I "wondered" about keeping our feet perpendicular during poses, I was really aiming for the Warriors and Triangle, but my eyes were opened to SO many more possibilities.  

A class I will absolutely repeat!