Last week my after-school class of 3rd-5th graders got really brave and took a ton of risks with tricky poses.  We talked at the beginning about why we take risks, the rewards we feel after taking a risk, and shared some times when we were proud of a risk we took.  We started out slow with working on Wild Thing pose and flipping your body over during Sun Salutations (chant modified from Sarah Herrington/Om Schooled), and then moved right into crow, side crow, headstand, handstand, and forearm balance.  The kids partnered up on the latter three after I modeled how to support each. This was still hard for some of them and at times I found that the kids were pulling their partner up rather than the person in the pose doing the bulk of the work and the partner just supporting their legs.  It was a good lesson/reminder for me at how exciting (read: chaotic) partner yoga with kids can be at times.  I ended up stopping kids and re-modeling how to support many times.  But I still felt like it was a great learning experience for them and we will continue it next week with our final class dedicated to group and partner yoga.  We didn't get to the game in this week's lesson so we will incorporate it into the next as it fit perfectly with partner yoga and communication.  I also really loved ending with lovingkindness and have been trying to incorporate that more and more into all of my yoga classes lately.