Focusing on Values: Fun

For our final 4th grade yoga class this year, Marcey and I chose our school value of Fun.  I love that Fun is one of our values. The expectation that school will be a joyful, funny experience is a beautiful concept and one I embrace whole-heartedly.  And it lends itself so perfectly to kids (and adult) yoga!

We focused on the idea of flow in this class, sequencing poses together in a vinyasa flow style. As a surprise, knowing that the kids love partner poses, I also added Double Dog pose to the roster.  And we ended the asanas with a lovely relaxing twist that they could do all summer long during lazy, sunny days at the beach.  The message with the twist was that when life throws an unexpected situation your way, you need to consider approaching it with a smile and a sense of fun.

We also played Yogi Says, which was a blast and recapped the year by highlighting many of the poses we had learned and practiced. Before the class, the kids wrote down some favorite poses and many of these were incorporated into the game.  The class ended with a savasana to the song Why Not by Jonsi, which I absolutely love.  I spoke over the music with a short meditation focusing on finding joy and fun, and holding it in your heart.

All in all, this year with the 4th graders was an incredible experience.  Their openness and enthusiasm was contagious, and helped me fine-tune both my teaching and my own practice.  I found myself taking more risks and just being open to trying new (maybe slightly scary) things in my own yoga classes, and I was able to then bring those learnings into my kids class.  It was a beautiful cycle, and one I hope to continue next year!