Yoga Mornings: Balance


Yoga Mornings are quick 15-20 minute yoga classes that engage kids in movement and mindfulness while having fun.  These classes are designed to fit into my school's Start Smart program which designates the first 15 minutes of each day to be dedicated to some sort of physical activity.  I work with lower grades (1-2) and upper grades (3, 4, and 5) each week.  Each grade level focuses on the same types of poses, but they are modified for the different ages as needed.

Balance is something I try to work into most of my yoga sessions with kids in some form.  Its fun and encourages risk-taking, but it also works the whole body. I often do whole practices dedicated to balancing poses, such as this one.  I especially like this short sequence as it delves into the combination of balance and core strength with some plank and side-plank work. I also begin to introduce the concept of mindful breathing into this session, which will continue in future sessions as well.